Barbados Next Generation Data Centre Summit - Preview

My partner, Alturna-Tech, and I have earmarked Thursday, June 2, 2016 to present new solutions for Caribbean data centres from four leading technology vendors - Nutanix, GuardiCore, Arista and Zerto.

These new solutions can significantly reduce the business risks that we in the Caribbean face - both new ones introduced by the rise of the Internet and those as old as time, such as hurricane season. Combined with the region's growing fibre optic backbone and need to reduce operating costs, the technology that will be featured has the potential to:

  • reduce space needed in server rooms through software-defined networking, virtualisation and cloud integration;
  • improve intrusion detection, internally and externally;
  • demystify performance troubleshooting in virtual server environments;
  • perfectly replicate data and applications for fast recovery, and most importantly
  • let you go on vacation!

ICT leaders in local government, commerce and academia will be coming to the event to learn more. Response to the invitations has been tremendous, although we only have limited space (psst, if you got an invitation, better register before Friday).

Never fear, though; I will be sharing the knowledge gained after the event in a series of articles to be published right here on my blog. Stay tuned!