Businesses of all sizes face common problems when they don't maintain awareness and activity within their environment.

The vision becomes fainter and the mission fades. Strategic decision-making gets ignored to deal with short-term problems. Employees are no longer invested, merely cogs in the daily grind.

The labyrinth of governmental regulations and procedures leaves confusion, legal nightmares and avoidable delays in the wake. Navigation is almost impossible because no-one kept watch on the landmarks.

Systems and processes then develop haphazardly into costly technical and customer support nightmares. Clients and partners caught in this web begin to fall away as you fail to communicate, while new opportunities are thwarted.

Lean on us. Let Evansons Strategy Consultants guide you and deliver freedom from chaos.

Evansons Strategy Consultants is an independent consultancy specializing in strategy formulation, business process design, IT implementation and online marketing.

Our goal is to ease the difficulty in setting up and operating business in the Caribbean through leveraging our experience and strong connections with regional finance, accounting, engineering and technology firms.

Check out our lead consultant.

Meet Leiska Evanson.

Leiska Evanson

She has led several large projects with Barbadian businesses, including the upgrade of corporate PBX telephone infrastructure to utilize VOIP, the development of business continuity and redundancy plans and the implementation of innovative services that exceed customer expectations.

She has IT knowledge, real-world management experience as well as marketing savvy. In addition, she has practical understanding of a myriad of local, regional and international financial regulations. And did we mention that she is a capable linguist in French and Spanish?

She's emblematic of our staff and their abilities.